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NPH - The Norwegian Network for Private Higher Education Institutions

The Norwegian Network for Private Higher Education Institutions (NPH) was founded in 2000 to facilitate and strengthen the co-operation and co-ordination among Norway’s more than 20 private higher educational institutions.

NPH advocates shared positions on central issues concerning higher education and research policy towards the Norwegian parliament and government.

NPH facilitates two events every year, an Annual conference in March and a Networking conference in October just after the government’s launching of next year’s national budget.

Between the Annual Conferences the NPH is governed by a Steering Group (Arbeidsutvalg – NPH/AU) and an appointed Secretary General.
The Secretariat is located in Norwegian School of Theology (NST), Gydas vei 4, 0302 Oslo

Contact persons:

  • Elected leader of NPH, Vicerector Dag Morten Dalen, BI (phone +47 464 10 774, e-mail: Dag.M.Dalen@bi.no)
  • Secretary General Arne J.Eriksen, NST (phone +47 22 59 05 58 / +47 920 12 813, e-mail: Arne.J.Eriksen@mf.no)

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